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ORBITZ Reviews

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  • Deceptive hotel booking practices

    Booked a hotel room and the "cancellation fee" information did not come up until AFTER I booked the room!!! Completely deceptive!!! Really too bad, Orbitz -- you used to have a high reputation for actually helping people, but it's clear you are just helping yourself. Completely dishonorable. We ended up having to cancel the first day of a two-day reservation and incurred the full charge for that day. Would NEVER have booked the room had I known it had a 24-hour cancellation fee. SHAME ON YOU ORBITZ -- this is what you have to do to stay in business? You won't be in... More...
    BAYLES's Picture   BAYLES    0 Comments   Comments
  • This Company Scams You On your Car Rentals

    I rented a car with Orbitz/Payless for $190 to be picked up at Intercontinental Airport in Houston, TX. When I got there, my reservation was at Hobby, about 40 minutes away. I called Orbitz and they told me they would cancel that reservation but couldn't book a car at the original promised rate and I ended up having to pay $280 something for the same car. When I complained I was told that I made the mistake, was lying, their computer was right and I booked it at Hobby (I know the difference, I would never book it there), they wouldn't give me the price difference. I escalated it... More...
    es3040's Picture   es3040    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz penalty for partial cancellation

    While we were fully prepared to pay a penalty for cancelling the hotel part of our air/hotel/car package, the refund on a $4,000 purchase was only $100. Enraged, I asked what the penalty would be to cancel any part of the package. In the end the penalty to cancel, supposedly dependent on when the cancellation was requested, was equal to 99.975% of the total package price. OUTRAGEOUS RIP OFF. My husband and I travel for work all the time--we will never, ever use Orbitz again. For the few extra minutes it takes to book the flight, the hotel, the car...it's worth it. I cannot believe they... More...
    GegeKap's Picture   GegeKap    0 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz All Inclusive Vacation Package

    We found an All Inclusive vaction package to Cancun on Orbitz in April for the Marriott Casamagna. We paid Approx $6,100 to Air, room, transportation, and meals. June 8th we leave for Cancun and arrive at the airport. We find the Marriott van to take us to the motel. They say transportation is not included. I had to pay $90 to get my to the motel. Checking in Marriott said we are registered but no All Inclusive Package. So I call Orbitz, they say give us 48hrs to look into problem. Marriott charges my credit card again for All-Inclusive Pagage. When I checked out the gave me a... More...
    Dixon's Picture   Dixon    0 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz is a rip off.

    Due to a medical emergency we wanted to reschedule our package vacation. It is 5 days before we were to leave.I was informed that it would cost 45% more than what I had already paid them to reschedule. I then asked them to just give us a refund. They did. MINUS 70% of what I paid them. They suck. I will never use Orbitz again. More...
    Josey's Picture   Josey    1 Comments   Comments
  • Rep called me at 2 AM

    I was awakened by a phone call at 1:51 AM EST on April 5, 2015.- Easter Sunday. Caller with heavy foreign accent asked me something about a hotel reservation. I have never done business with Orbitz nor will I ever do business with them in the future after this display of stupidity. Thank you so much for ruining my Easter weekend as I could not get back to sleep. I suggest you hire people with actual brains and provide them with clocks. More...
    rcoups's Picture   rcoups    0 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz wrong location booking

    for an overnight stay in London I was looking at Trivago - I liked the Cumberland Hotel in LONDON and ORBITZ offered the TOP DEAL. I did not bother to check the Hotel details again and went on to fill in my personal and payment details. 2 Days later the receptionist at the Cumberland Hotel informed me that my booking was for the Cumberland Hotel in Bournemouth - not London ! Once week later Trivago and Orbitz have changed this little "trap" - to late for me - I paid twice ! More...
    Ilonaandray's Picture   Ilonaandray    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz Rewards and Hotel Listings Details

    I used Orbitz to book a flight and a hotel in a foreign country. Before I even left, I had issues with Orbitz. I should have seen it as an omen. I didn't know what Orbitz reward points were when I booked, so I lost out on the chance to claim them. After contacting Orbitz they would not retroactively credit my account even after an email discussion over several days. In fact, I felt like the Orbitz agent was playing dumb. I don't know why they wouldn't want to credit me with their own rewards points to keep me coming back... Anyway, when I got to the hotel on the Island, I... More...
    jlee30's Picture   jlee30    1 Comments   Comments
  • Pre-Paid Room Cancellation

    I made a reservation months ago. I cancelled the reservation today and was warned there was no "refund" - whatever - I hadn't prepaid. Apparently, I had and because I forgot I'm not out of the money and the reservation. When did Orbitz start acting like an airline where there's non-refundable hotel reservations? I've never had an issue before this. Maybe I was stupid for not reading the fine print, but when I called to "uncancel" the reservation nobody could help me. I'm sure I'm not the first person to make this mistake and I... More...
    errs's Picture   errs    0 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz sends flight delay messages in error causing flights missed

    Orbitz sent an email message 3 hours before my scheduled departure, clearly stating my flight American Airlines 2380 from Chicago to Dallas was delayed to 10:28 pm. I have the email. Additionally, I kept checking Orbitz site for flight status which continued to show flight delayed to 10:28 pm. Upon going to the airport for that flight, we found out flight was never delayed by American Airlines! I missed my flight and now have to travel stand-by on a very early morning flight the next day with 2 small children. This messed up my hotel and car reservation also. I am looking for some... More...
    nmerch's Picture   nmerch    0 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz screwed up my car rental reservation

    I booked both my flight and car rental through orbitz so they auto filled my car rental location. You would think they would make the reservation for the car rental location to be at the airport, but when I arrived at the DIA rental location they informed me that Orbitz had the pick up location 45 mins from the airport!! How am i to get to the other location....with no car....duh! I would have to pitch for a taxi, 45 minutes in the other direction from my destination! Worse part is, the manager at the airport car rental company said that I was the third person THAT DAY with the same issue... More...
    tessakobler's Picture   tessakobler    1 Comments   Comments
  • Blaming Airline for Penalty Fee

    I purchased a vacation package for 2 to Dublin, Ireland. The day before, I broke my arm at work and spent 6 hours in the ER. I had to have surgery a day and a half later. With no travel insurance, I realized there would be a penalty, The problems though lie in that I was advised by customer service to cancel the trip to save most of my money and I was told the penalty fee for the airfare was the doing of the airlines and to submit a waiver with them directly. There was also a fee from the hotel. I was also told to deal with them directly. Interestingly enough, both the hotel and the... More...
    Camp4671's Picture   Camp4671    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz routing my call to third party travel agency

    I called Orbitz customer service number. They kept me on hold for 30 minutes and then transferred my call to some 'NEAT TRAVELS' The guy who picked spoke in broken English that he cannot help me with anything related to Orbitz. He said that they routed my call by mistake and they he has already raised this issue with their management. I don't get this? Is Orbitz routing customer service calls to third party phony numbers who have no clue how to help Orbitz customers. I used to be a regular user of Orbitz but I don't think this is the way to treat your customers Mr.... More...
    shalabhgoyal's Picture   shalabhgoyal    2 Comments   Comments

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Been trying to fix this for 2 weeks, closest I got was a english speaking human who called me back at 6AM....Orbitz does not have change or cancelation policies anywhere on their site - - they tell you to call customer service (which oddly enough you get through ASAP, but when you have issues you are on hoold for DAYS) when you do call they LIE to you and nobody at Orbitz will take responsability for their ERRORS! Not very pleased with Orbitz! I booked my honeymoon trip through Orbits, the hotel I wanted was %u201Con sale%u201D until 4/29 but the flight I wanted was too expensive at... More...
  • Refund request for booking with Go! Airlines

    Customer service is nonexistent. Still waiting for assistance with a refund. They booked a flight with an airline that is now out of business. Orbitz says contact airline, Go! Airline says Orbitz should be providing assistance. I agree, Orbitz should process the refund since they are the third party who booked the reservation. We'll see if they research this complaint and contact me. My name is Chelsea Emerson, there should be a lot of documentation on file reflecting the numerous calls and emails to Orbitz requesting assistance. I'll keep everyone posted on the progress if there... More...
    cemerson13's Picture   cemerson13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Wrong Vacation Dates

    I booked my vacation through Orbitz because a few different people recommended them. In navigating their confusing flight and hotel searching website format my vacation somehow changed from 5 nights to 4 nights and I didn't even get my confirmation e-mail until almost a week later!! Now they are charging numerous fees per person to add the additional night and correct this reservation. Customer service did not understany my concern and offered no assistance for this issue. Be sure to triple check the reservation details!!! More...
    dreamarie's Picture   dreamarie    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz purchase made me loose 679.95, not customer friendly

    Im sure customers have to change their travel plans sometimes. Working with a travel company, you would think this would be a wise place to purchase travel tickets. This company has my money even though I emailed them 10 times to explain that I purchased tickets that Expire in May, and I wanted to switch them for tickets that are valid in June, which are the same price. Usually companies want to work with customers to get repeat business but, I will NEVER shop there again. This is my first and last time! How can a company just say we cant do anything and keep a customers hard earned money?... More...
    jsksjs's Picture   jsksjs    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz is refusing to honor credit on cancelled flight

    We books a flight in December. My relative had to change travel plans. We called Orbitz. Representative told us that they could not exchange flights or change travel dates. Told me that I had to cancel the flight and they would book a new one (but I would have to pay full price for a new ticket). I was then told that I would get a credit that I could use on a flight within 12 months. I agreed, because I knew I would be traveling again in the future. The first flight was cancelled. The new flight was booked. I was charged a new ticket price. My relative traveled. In January, I called to... More...
    quaiser's Picture   quaiser    2 Comments   Comments
  • ticket cancellation

    I purchased a airline ticket on September 3, 2013 for maybe $158 1 way from phoenix, az to Milwaukee, wi under Gloria jones I also purchased insurance because I have severe knee conditions 1st I was denied the insurance so I said I will just book another flight for another day I was told it would be 200 additional dollars on a 158 ticket that is horendous More...
    gloriajones's Picture   gloriajones    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ch

    I had a ticket purchased for me. However, due to the major winter storm that covered most of the country, the roads were closed. I could not get to the airport due to the act of God. However, the airport, despite snow conditions, continued to run. I call to see what I could do to get a refund or to change my flight. I was told that I had to spend $200 to either change my flight or cancel and use the credit in the future. This is crap. I have been a loyal customer. There is a storm and the roads are closed. This is not my fault More...
    djjones's Picture   djjones    1 Comments   Comments

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Never again! Orbitz is dirty to say the least and I am astounded that anyone had had a good experience since the majority of reviews are beyond terrible! I booked a flight paid for the agrred upon amount and thought "great, thats done one less thing to worry about" Well, was I ever wrong! I keep seeing all these transactions happening in my account (unauthoirsed) all from Orbitz. So, granted I am confused as everything has been paid for and cleared. I returned from my trip and still the transactions are happening... two weeks later, still. When I contacted my bank they... More...
    321abc's Picture   321abc    1 Comments   Comments
  • Never use them: Misleading pricing and poor customer service

    We booked a car rental through Orbitz based on price. We selected a car, including all taxes and fees, at a certain price, and this total was confirmed in our confirmation email from Orbitz. As it turns out, lower down in the email, there was a different price, $100 more, of the amount due at "pickup" at the rental counter. We didn't catch this small detail, and were held responsible for the extra $100, a 30% increase over what we expected to pay. Given that taxes and fees were included in the original quoted price, we were baffled by the extra charge - and no one at... More...
    llondon's Picture   llondon    1 Comments   Comments
  • Air tickets being changed without asking my approval

    i am vey disappointed at orbitz's service, I bought the ticket and paid the fee couple month ago and I was informed that my tickets has been changed without first getting my approval. And the reason is that there are no seats available. but I paid the fee couple months ago, so my seats should be guaranteed! My original schedule is to fly from calgary to vancourver on Sep 19 and vancourver to beijing on Sep 19. but my ticket from vancourver to beijing has been changed from Sep 19 to Sep 21 without first asking my approval. I called orbitz, and i was offered a flight from vancourver... More...
    eva3e's Picture   eva3e    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz means Major Disappointment on all Levels

    I travel often and decided to try Orbitz for making my travel arrangements. Over the past year I have seen their service steadily decline and have been aggravated and frustrated more and more often. Their advertised deals are a farce, customer service is not helpful, and they are unwilling to make refunds. I have had to call them multiple times regarding a refund that they were to issue me, as they claimed that they "forgot" to issue the refund. On the most recent (and last, as I will never use them again) issue, I tried to use a voucher that they issued me from a canceled... More...
    oking07's Picture   oking07    1 Comments   Comments
  • Paid more than the price i clicked yes to

    My husband bought a ticket from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur today, and he was so happy to pay $404 for the ticket. Payment made, confirmation emailed (saying they have taken $404 nett), suddenly when he checked his account orbitz has taken $446 out of it. This for me is pure dishonesty. how can you say the price is $404 and suddenly taken $440 out of the credit card? $40 is not a huge money, but still i'm very happy to sue this company as i consider this theft and fraud. Tried calling customer service, been on hold for like half an hour. NEVER GOING TO USE THEIR SERVICE AGAIN!!! More...
    Ainfarhan's Picture   Ainfarhan    1 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible service! Do not book with orbitz!

    We booked a hotel in Myrtle Beach SC a month in advanced, received confirmation email 2 days before, and only to drive 8 hours to the hotel to find out our reservation had been cancelled four days before!!!!!!! we were never notified, called, emailed, regarding this cancellation. We arrived on July 4th and no hotel in the city had any vacancy at all. However, orbitz kindly found us a hotel another 3 hours away from our original destination, for double the money we had payed for of course we had to refuse this ridiculous offer wich left us having to drive back the whole night $200 in gas... More...
    pvenavidez1's Picture   pvenavidez1    2 Comments   Comments
  • will never use orbitz again

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. tried booking 4 airline tickets on their web site and got a message saying that the transaction couldn't go through ( didn't say why just didn't ) so I tried again with the same result. then I decided to call customer service and they tied it 3 more times with the same result. then the non English speaking customer rep figured why it wasn't going and tried it for a sixth time, this time my cc declined it and put a fraud hold on my card cause they had charged my cc five times for the same airline tickets. To the tune of over 6k . customer serv. was no help the 2 so called... More...
    jasduv's Picture   jasduv    1 Comments   Comments
  • Impossible to Change Tickets Online, and Impossible to Reach Customer Service

    Today I spent an hour and a half trying to reach customer service in order to change some tickets. I tried doing it online, and the website pointed out the penalties involved which were acceptable to me. But in order to change the ticket, one has to call customer service, and when I called the indicated number, the expected wait time was "greater than 30 minutes". I was hung up on twice by their phone system after more than 30 minutes waiting, and in the end I couldn't reach anyone. I need to change the oubound flight of a changeable ticket and I can't do so because... More...
    abenado's Picture   abenado    1 Comments   Comments
  • Strong caution about reserving a hotel room through Orbitz

    DO NOT book any lodging through Orbitz when the reservation is for that day. When a recent snowstorm shut down the Denver Airport I decided to make a reservation to assure I would have a location if I could not fly out on that day. Although the site had "Cancel by 4:00pm" highlighted. Only later in the small print did I see that cancellations that day would still be charged the full amount. I would have saved myself almost $100 had I booked directly with the hotel chain. The 90 minutes I spent trying to speak with an actual person made no difference. Learned my lesson, and... More...
    UK2Travel's Picture   UK2Travel    1 Comments   Comments
  • Price Assurance

    "Price Assurance" is totally misleading. If the air fare goes down, a) you must wait for another Orbitz customer to book the same flight, and b) Orbitz does not refund $, they give you 'points'. I could live with both those conditions,; however, those points CAN ONLY be redeemed towards HOTEL stays. Ridiculous! I will never use Orbitz again. More...
    lindalaufer's Picture   lindalaufer    2 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Customer Service

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I spent 91 minutes of my life today trying to get a refund from Orbitz for a hotel reservation. I made the reservation yesterday as my bathroom is being renovated and my water would be shut off. My husband recommended that my daughter and I book a hotel room due to the this, This morning my husband told me to cancel the reservation as we would not be able to work on the bathroom this weekend. I went on line and canceled. Then I received an email stating I would not be receiving a refund. I was shocked as I had but in the cancellation 24 hours prior. I called the Orbitz Customer... More...
    mrogers711's Picture   mrogers711    1 Comments   Comments
  • Worthless customer service

    Spent over an two hours dealing with Customer Service(all of it but 8 min on hold). Calling 3 times, because they hung up on my once, and transfered me to CheapTicket.com the next. Finally got someone who spoke english well, the first 2 people had very THICK spanish accents and I couldnt understand them. I was calling because they gave 2 Random Seats on 2 different flight(for my wife and I) despite booking both tickets together. I expect to be given 2 seats next to each other, or be told about it before hand. They told me they had no way of changing it, only that they could pass a not... More...
    RebootRevival's Picture   RebootRevival    1 Comments   Comments
  • wrong hotel description and horrible customer service

    We booked the Copamarina Beach Resort for our honeymoon due to it being described as all-inclusive property on the Orbitz website with Highlights: 'food and drinks included in price'. After our arrival, we were told by the hotel that they doesn't even offer all-inclusive anymore since more than 6 months. Orbitz only now changed the hotel description in the subject on their website (3 weeks after we're back from vacation) but did not change the wrong description in the 'highlights' section. (Of course we got neither an apology nor a thank you or even a notice... More...
  • Orbitz entitles Payless

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. My family made a reservation through Orbitz for a 9 day rental with Payless car rental. The amount was fixed at $417.00 including all taxes and additional charges. We also purchased the insurance that Orbitz offers for a total of $81.00. When we got to the counter the amount went from $ 417.00 to $463.00 (according to Payless taxes where not included). But, it gets better Payless would not accept the insurance that Orbitz sold us and we were required to take out their insurance policies or leave an $8,000.00 deposit on the car. So after paying insurance with Orbits we ended up paying an... More...
    maltreated's Picture   maltreated    0 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz consists of a bunch of liars

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Orbitz made a mistake, billed me twice. I have been trying to get a refund since April. The first time I called, someone told me the money was refunded October 24. I reviewed my bank statement, there was no refund. I did however have an email from the 24th saying that my refund was approved and I should receive it soon. The second time I called, they told me that my money was refunded August 21st. Again, I reviewed my statements, no money was refunded on that date. When I questioned them as to why they sent an email October 21st if the money was supposedly refunded in August, the reponse... More...
    tub79844's Picture   tub79844    0 Comments   Comments
  • Third World Customer Service: My Orbitz Experience

    I recently booked my trip to India through Orbitz, a popular internet travel service. I have booked at least a dozen trips on Orbitz over the past decade, so the process was comfortable and easy. Orbitz found me connecting flights to and from New Delhi using a combination of airlines and I was pleased with the short layover between my domestic and international flight segments. I booked my November travel in July and paid with my American Express card. In August, I received emails from Orbitz advising of flight changes. Unfortunately, the airlines rearranged their flight schedules... More...
    dwitt's Picture   dwitt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Don't Ever Try Orbitz

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. They charged me for a failed transaction . When called up customer service there is no convinving and clear answer from them. They always say they requested airlines to cancel the transaction.But the airlines didnt repay the amount. Still struggling to get my money back. Orbitz sucks... More...
    SRK83's Picture   SRK83    1 Comments   Comments
  • Nightmare Weekend Getaway

    On 08/29/12 I had booked Susan%u2019s Villa in Niagara Falls for a two night stay. Checking in on Saturday September 1st and checking out on Monday September 3rd. Susan%u2019s Villa, a local Bed and breakfast, seemed like a good choice for a romantic weekend getaway%u2026..We arrived at %u201CSusan%u2019s Villa%u201D at around 10:45 pm. In front of us was a regular residential Single Family house with lights off and door locked. Luckily at the same time a car pulled in and they had keys into the house. We followed them in and of course were stopped in the doorway. They informed us... More...
    vkotov's Picture   vkotov    0 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz cancellation process

    My first time booking with Orbitz was a horrible experience I do not recommend this website to anyone! I put in the date I would like to fly out and for some reason the date switched when I booked it. I tried calling Orbitz customer service and they where not willing to work with me at all so I basically lost $110 that I will never see again. They said I can change the flight which would be $180 to change which is more than the initial flight plus the fee of the difference in flight. So ridiculous!!! More...
    VanessaW's Picture   VanessaW    0 Comments   Comments
  • suck with the booked ticket by Orbitz

    I have a terriible experience with Orbitz.com.I bought two round way flight tickets on Orbitz. They gived the flight time is on 12:35am 7th August frome New delhi to Paris that confused me so much. I thought obviously it was noon in the daytime,but unfortunatly is was the midnight 12 which ruined my whole honeymoon to France. As a result I cannot use the back ticket either.I had to buy new round tickets that cost $2000 for one,so totaly cost us $4000. WHen we was in Paris,I called the Orbitz Agent so many times that the intnational phone fee costs a lot too,but the agents just let me... More...
    tjamanda's Picture   tjamanda    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service sucks

    I had canceled a reservation from Orbitz and tried to rebook a new flight. I was put on hold for 15 minutes and when I talked to customer service representative, she couldn't find my canceled reservation and asked me for my name twice when I told her the first time. Then she tells me that I have to go to Delta. Delta had no problem finding my canceled reservation. Never will I book a flight with Orbitz ever again because customer service sucks. More...
    usf34243's Picture   usf34243    1 Comments   Comments

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